Wildflower meadows

July 27, 2020

One of the first projects bringing to life the masterplan for St Austell that we have been working on for 2 years is the Garden Route – a collective of mini-gardens, landscapes, roadside verges and roundabouts that geographically form a ring road of gateways to welcome locals and visitors into the town.

7,000 square meters of specialist wildflower meadows and garden cultivar bordering the A391 between the Pinetum Garden junction with the A390 and the Carluddon roundabout where the road exits the clay landscape, and at other sites across the town. The wildflower meadows will provide cover and food for birds, small mammals and amphibians. Uncut meadow patches will be left as refuge areas for creatures to shelter in over winter months. The meadow verges will be managed with an annual autumn cut, to reduce fertility and ensure continued diversity of flower species. Cuttings will be collected and removed, leaving a healthy sward ready to grow again each springtime to encourage a striking annual bloom.

After many months of careful planning and consultation, the first phase of groundwork to bring to life the the new wildflower meadows began back in September 2019, followed in March 2020 by laying 4,000 square meters of specialist turf created by leading horticulture experts, Pictorial Meadows. In September 2020 the project is due to be extended, with additional native wildflower seeds being sown by The National Wildflower Centre to create a 2.5km wildlife corridor between the Tregrehan Mills and Treverbyn roundabouts. A footpath/cycleway runs alongside much of the verge, allowing up-close contact with nature and enjoyment of the visual display.

Created in partnership with Cornwall Council’s Making Space for Nature team, The National Wildflower Centre at the Eden Project and Pictorial Meadows, this is the first of its kind for Cornwall. The project has been co-ordinated with Making Space for Nature, University of Exeter, Cormac, Cornwall Council highways, SABEF, St Austell Town Council, Darren Hawkes Landscapes, Mei Loci, Pictorial Meadows and National Wildflower Centre/ Eden Project.

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