Specialist Children’s Centre Playspace in Riyahd, Saudi

May 26, 2021

Revisiting a past project, a specialist children’s centre playspace in Riyahd, Saudi.
A garden of wildness, freedom and happiness.
Design rationale:
The overarching rationale for the outdoor learning environment is to create an abstract expression of natural landscapes- such as river/ jungle/ seaside, in a fun and vibrant and playful design which offers a variety
of experiences for children of all ages to explore, play and learn about the world around them.
The aim was  to provide an experience of landscape and play that the children are unlikely to experience elsewhere in Riyadh.
Through play, children learn physical skills: fine and gross motor skills; coordination, agility, balance and movement. They learn cognitive skills: curiosity,
discovery, imagination, problem solving; & They learn social and emotional skills including: sharing, cooperation; expression; confidence, happiness.

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