St Austell

St Austell Print Company


St Austell Business Park


Concept Design

Preparation of planning submission

Preparation of tender documentation

Technical design

Meiloci were appointed by Peter Moody of St Austell Printing Company to work alongside Alan Leather Associates Architects to develop the scheme for St Austell Business Park. The brief was unique for a commercial site in so far in that there was an early acknowledgement from our clients that people spend more time at work than they do in their homes.  The landscape therefore needed to be one which was welcoming, beautiful and natural.

The site, on the edge of Carclaze Pit in the China Clay landscapes of St Austell, was, and is, ecologically diverse and geographically prominent with beautiful views over St Austell Bay.

Our aim was to create a balance between the diverse ornamental gardens, many of which are found around St Austell, and the dramatic natural landscapes of Cornwall. The planting has been designed to present a lush, semi-wild landscape and setting for the striking architectural form as well as ensuring an attractive and healthy environment in which to work.

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