Bournemouth Pier Approach
Bournemouth Pier Approach
Bournemouth Pier Approach


Bournemouth Pier Approach




Concept design
Site planning
Landscape and townscape visual impact assessment
Public realm framework & master planning strategy
Technical and detailed design
Contract administration
Cultural interpretation

"Promoting dining, arts, culture and events at the seafront, Pier Approach is in itself a destination. Bournemouth has created a welcoming and exciting public space to entice and inspire new generations of visitors. It is home to many thriving restaurants, cafes and venues offering family friendly activities. It is home to an interactive water play area, and offers places for sitting and watching the world go by. It is a gateway to Bournemouth’s magnificent seven miles of golden sand, as the beaches stretch out in both directions. It is a stunning location with incredible views along the coast. Pier Approach invites you to the seafront, and encourages you to stay a while…"

Bournemouth Council

Bournemouth Borough Council wanted to develop a world-class seafront that would support and grow its £462 million tourism industry. The Pier Approach, which forms part of an ambitious 20 year Seafront Strategy of new and improved facilities that puts design at the heart of public realm regeneration. The space needed to be welcoming and inspiring to encourage people to stay and interact with the space and new facilities for longer. It also needed to overcome the disconnection between the beach and the Lower Gardens, through a new interpretation of the Bourne stream. Mei Loci’s hard and soft landscape designs create a multi-functional, unified space which leaves room for interpretative use and play.

The £6.6 million project was implemented in two parts; funded by the Coastal Communities Fund and Bournemouth Borough Council.  Mei Loci, as Landscape Architects and Design Team managers, as part of a design and build team with PBWC Architects, Usitgate, Hydrock and CEC. The design followed in-depth community consultation and design workshops, to generate detailed design for the Bournemouth Public realm, and reflects the image of water flowing to the sea, with raised concrete piers, and blue glass inlays into the pavement.

Leaf shaped pavilions provide shelter and visitor information, whilst jumping jets and water play bring to the space to life during the summer months. At night, the space is lit by a series of vibrant coloured projects, with changing colours and patterns reflecting the inlaid details of the fossils that can be found along the Jurassic Coast.

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