Education & School Design


Fossebrook Primary School, Leicester
Nansledan Primary School, Newquay
Pencalenick School, Truro
Falmouth University, Falmouth



Outdoor learning environments

Performance space

Nature-based play

Adventure play

Sports planning

“Children find small, homely things at eye level particularly beautiful”.

Günter Beltzig

Meiloci have been involved in the masterplanning and design of school grounds and educational settings for many years. Good school grounds are ones that provide the best experiences for pupils. And that is our starting point when designing school grounds.  As adults, designing for children, we pay attention to whether our design pleases children and meets their needs. Children create their own world, their own aesthetics, and that is the very essence of being a child. 

Designing for Adult learners uses the same principles of imagination, recreation, spaces to be close to nature, health and comfort – but they see things from bigger-persons perspective. 

What the schools and universities want to be able to do outside rather than what they want to have is an important starting point. Places to run, jump, hide, swing and yes, play football, but they will also want to sit and talk with friends, read, camp out, get close to nature and have lessons outside.  Enjoyment and safety are the keys to successful school design, creating environments for stimulating, creative and effective learning, as well as health and happiness.

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