October 1, 2020

We have been working with SCGA to undertake the urban and landscape design for the five star hotel in the heart of Jordan in the Middle East. The simple clean, and geometric lines of the landscape reflect the contemporary architecture and respond to the climactic and cultural setting of the hotel.

The project is an atrium landscape that forms part of the public realm and streetscape within a wider area of urban regeneration. The project presented challenges with level changes across the front doors into shops and cafes and with a multi level car park beneath the main space and buildings.

Light strips illuminate the edges of the darker lines of paving. The vertical stone louvres aid both form and function by screening the vents from the car parking below. We are really proud of the space, it was a great experience to work with Kim, Lara and Stuart and we are looking forward to seeing the changing installations from sculptors and artists on the podium.

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